iPRO opens a Logistics Centre in Dundee to support Dover Fueling Solutions

iPRO is pleased to announce that it has moved part of its warehousing operations from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire to a new iPRO Logistics Centre in Dundee.  The new iPRO Logistics Centre is dedicated to supplying Dover Fueling Solutions ( DFS ) and will deliver machined components, plastic mouldings and PCBA’s daily.


iPRO also manages the forecasting, production, shipping, storage and supply of components from other manufacturers in Malaysia, China and India into DFS Dundee on a consignment basis and via the Logistics Centre, iPRO will create the capability to supply consigned materials direct to the production line on a “just-in-time” basis.


Gordon Hume, Director Resource Management of DFS said:


“It has taken several months to put the arrangement in place, but this will help improve DFS Inventory management, the supply to production and will bring these crucial parts of the supply chain closer together. This is another great step forward in DFS Inventory planning and management and in our relationship building with suppliers.


We would especially like to thank Martin Deas from iPRO Solutions for taking this major step in enhancing our working partnership, and making this investment in our future.”


Commenting on the new facility, Martin Deas from iPRO said “In certain production environments, it is no longer best practice to plan material deliveries based on what might be needed next week, but to replenish daily based on what has been consumed. Our commitment to customers means that we want to deliver materials based on pull systems and this requires our replenishment processes and stock to be held close to the point of consumption. Working in partnership with DFS we have taken a big step towards achieving a process that allows pull systems to operate and we are now well positioned to achieve further optimisation in the future”. 


For more information about the iPRO Solutions Logistics Centre in Dundee, please contact Vy Pettit via: or   +44 (0)1844 292630

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